2016 Festive Packaging Tips: #1: Creative Uses of Duct Tapes


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Welcome to Shipping Supplies By Mail Festive Series

The ShippingSuppliesByMail.Com team has prepared itself for Christmas 2016, and they are all set to welcome Christmas and bid a farewell to 2016. They have brought in exciting ideas on how to use the packaging material in your storage for unique purposes.

Starting with Duct Tapes:

Give a high five to the creative thinkers who put ducting tapes to the weirdest of uses one could ever think of. Duct tapes are strong, waterproof, cloth-backed polythene adhesive tapes that can be used for critical purposes. Ever since the time it was created during the World War II, it has gained immense popularity and the intelligent minds discovered unique ways to fix things up with the Duct Tapes. Introducing to you the awesomeness of duct tapes:

Shelter Your Christmas Crib

Celebrate this Christmas by making a crib displaying the nativity of Jesus in art. Shelter your creation with a duct tape tent to save it from the winds.


Duct Tape Hammock – Relax in the woods

Spend some time relaxing in the holiday season. If you just wish to enjoy Christmas at home, better spend some time with nature and the equipment is really affordable. Grab the ducting tape from the shelf and make this structure. Believe us, it can bear your weight.


Light the Night Roads with Your Bicycle

Why waste the fuel? Bicycling is a good exercise. Just tie flashlights to your bicycle handles and you are all set to ride your way.


Pack Your Essentials Above the Car         


If it is a family outing this Christmas, don’t let luggage occupy a man’s space. Patch it on the roof with these extremely strong duct tapes and drive your normal speed.

Dress Funky and Grab All the Attention at the Party


Don’t be too cautious about your looks. This duct tape clothing would leave others dumbstruck.

Don’t You Think These Bags would Match up?



If you don’t have a new bag for the outing, just wrap the one you have with colored duct tapes and step out. Amazing, isn’t it?

Water-proof Shoes008


Why spend your savings on purchasing water-proof shoes? This is really easy and quick.

Neck Tie or Neck Tape


This one is sure to make you roll on the floor.

Elegant Dangles


Wow! Colorful, simple, and elegant…

Wax it off 😉

Source: Pinterest.com

Boys, want to wear those V-neck t-shirts but worried about the chest hair? Duct tapes do the job very well.

And there are many more…

Duct tapes aren’t just adhesive tapes. They solve more complex purposes than they are meant for.

ShippingSuppliesByMail.Com provides a certified shipping mechanism that is accepted by all 3rd party shipment carriers such as UPS, USPS and Fed-EX. Our duct tapes can be used in multiple facets of environments and many have benefited from the results of this tape during home improvement, construction, and industrial purposes.

Source: https://www.shippingsuppliesbymail.com/blog/2016-festive-packaging-tips-creative-uses-duct-tapes/

How to Employ Industrial Safety Gloves for the Right Purpose


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Safety gloves are one of the essentials to be stocked with regarding any industrial or domestic purposes. However, it is important to shop for a type that suits to your specific application. To help you choose the best alternative, we have listed below a detailed description of some of the types of gloves suitable for you. See below:

Vinyl Gloves available at Shipping Supplies By Mail

Vinyl Gloves


PLASTIC GLOVES: These are the most common and most economical choice available today. Made of plastic, this version is inexpensive when compared to others. They are also lightweight and stretchable too, making them a perfect choice for most delicate items. Gloves made from poly material include polyethylene, nylon & vinyl gloves.
  • Polyethylene gloves – Food industries
  • Vinyl gloves – Dishwashing and janitorial purposes & Handling oily, greasy, and chemical substances
  • Nylon gloves – Painting, electronics, and pharmaceutical uses

RUBBER GLOVES: They are slightly different from their plastic counterparts due to the applicable task they’re assigned to. However, rubber gloves serve more benefits such as elasticity and higher resistance to breakage. Also, they are more expensive than the plastic ones. Rubber gloves that are commonly used in industrial set-ups are:

  • Latex gloves – Wide application in food industries and housekeeping
  • Neoprene gloves – Heavy duty use in research and manufacturing facilities as they are resistant to cuts, high temperatures, and abrasions.
  • Nitrile gloves – Medical procedures and laboratories as they are resistant to oils, hydrocarbons, greases, and petroleum substances.
Cotton Gloves available at Shipping Supplies By Mail

Cotton Gloves


COTTON GLOVES: These are breathable, lightweight and durable and ideal in industrial settings. Although these can handle cuts and abrasions at their best, we cannot save them from getting spoiled by liquids and greases. The cotton-made gloves are most commonly used in gardening, handling shovels & hammers and wood working because cotton knitted gloves provide a better grip on the material at work.

LEATHER GLOVES: One of the best in the glove industry, leather gloves are more durable and flexible out of all the other types of gloves available on the market. However, similar to cotton gloves, these are also poor at handling liquid substances. The types of leather gloves include mechanic gloves, welding gloves, and riggers gloves. Leather is soft to the wearers’ hands too, justifying its higher range in terms of cost.

At ShippingSuppliesByMail.Com, we have a wide range of varieties at the lowest and most economical price. Our customers prefer to order wholesale supplies from us to obtain huge discounts. Please find your type of gloves that is suitable for your application at our online store https://www.shippingsuppliesbymail.com/industrial-gloves.html or contact us at 440-914-0530 to know more details about our products.

Source: https://www.shippingsuppliesbymail.com/blog/employ-industrial-safety-gloves-right-purpose/

Why are Leather Palm Work Gloves Best for Tedious Taskers?


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When performing laborious tasks, your hands are more at work than you are, bearing all the harshness and even minor injuries like cuts, blisters, burns, scrapes, and joint pain. Don’t you think it is of foremost importance to have them protected with a material that safeguards bare hands from such mishaps and injuries? Leather Palm Gloves attend to this insecurity of your hands and are made from premium grade split leather material to offer strength to withstand extremely high temperatures and great amounts of heavy-duty applications.

 Leather Palm Industrial Gloves available at Shipping Supplies By Mail Leather Palm Industrial Gloves

These leather working gloves are puncture resistant, making it a reputable alternative while working with sharp edged tools. In addition to being puncture resistant, Leather Palm Gloves can withstand high levels of heat. This is why welders and inferno pits operators wear them. If you have noticed, they are a bit oversized too. The size of Leather Palm Gloves is wide enough to allow fluid hand movement and grip while cooperating with a user’s flexibility. These gloves maintain through superior demands and unlike driving or welding gloves they are low cost and offer great dexterity. Many companies in the industrial field purchase these gloves in large quantities for their workmen so that they are equipped and safe.

Leather Palm Gloves are strong, comfortable, and cost-efficient – offering the best buy to anyone interested. They are gaining popularity due to safety regulations throughout various industrial industries. We, at ShippingSuppliesByMail.Com offer bulk volumes in a wide variety of industrial gloves that are a sufficient for many different work applications. Our team engages itself in creating more opportunities for workers to stay safe and work uninterruptedly throughout the year. We ensure that you are always sufficiently stocked with quality shipping material while at the same time enjoying continuous rebates. ShippingSuppliesByMail.Com is known for their swift deliveries too. So, while you are busy manufacturing or planning any event, consider our products. You can contact us at 440-914-0530 for further details. We are happy to serve you!

Source: https://www.shippingsuppliesbymail.com/blog/leather-palm-work-gloves-best-tedious-taskers/

Are Vinyl Gloves Good for You?


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Vinyl gloves are a popular choice for the food industry and situations, which do not require high levels of durability and protection. They are less expensive and may be less durable. These are the most commonly used types of work gloves in industries.

Vinyl Gloves are specifically preferred due to the following specialties:

Vinyl Disposable Powdered Gloves available at Shipping Supplies By Mail Vinyl Disposable Powdered Gloves
  • They are latex-free
  • They are non-biodegradable
  • They have a longer shelf-life
  • They are cost-effective
  • They have a loose fitting
  • They have anti-static properties
  • They are good for low-risk tasks
  • They are the best gloves for use with non-hazardous materials
  • They are lightly powdered
  • They are easy to put on

Summing it up, the vinyl disposable gloves are perfect when the intensity of protection needed is minimal. Though safety gloves are worn for protection, the most important question is – how much protection do you need.Generally, these rubber gloves serve purposes such as cleaning, dishwashing, food service, and product handling. Its powdered feature makes it convenient for wearers to slide in their hands into or off the gloves. They also provide a more comfortable fit as compared to the latex disposable gloves or blue nitrile gloves. Vinyl is a little loose due to the physical characteristic of plastic itself. The durable work gloves also provide exceptional fingertip sensitivity and superior performance, especially while working with foods.It is always good to pile up a good collection of vinyl safety gloves as you may just require them for casual purposes (less risk applications). As they are cost-effective, they can be used for individual as well as business set-ups. You can get your pack of vinyl-powdered gloves from Shipping Supplies By Mail as they are into the business of packaging and shipping material since long. They are a reliable source of all kinds of packaging supplies and clients speak of their promptness and quality products. You can get yours at https://www.shippingsuppliesbymail.com/industrial-gloves/vinyl-disposable-gloves-powdered.html or get in touch with us at 440-914-0530 to discuss about more details.

Source: https://www.shippingsuppliesbymail.com/blog/are-vinyl-gloves-good/

Reasons Why Business People Use the Packing List Pouches


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Yes. The reason Packing List Envelopes are so advantageous is because they communicate clearly what’s packed inside so that the receiver is aware and notified of various information regarding a shipment. There are hundreds of parcels arriving at the business stores every day. How would anybody know the items placed within? A simple way is to attach the ‘Packing List Enclosed’ pouch on one side of the packaging box. It indicates professionalism in business dealings as well as appreciates your communicative methods.

Packing List Enclosed available at Shipping Supplies By Mail Packing List Enclosed

Many times, I have observed receivers grudge over the delivery boy when there is no label on the box. It also invites a suspicious grin from the receiver. To avoid such discrepancies in business transactions, business people prefer to have a clear packing list pouch sealed on one of the visible surfaces of the shipping mailer. The text can be anything you wish to communicate to the other party dealing with you. You may have the details and warranty papers enclosed or a label simply stating that the packing list is enclosed inside.

We, at ShippingSuppliesByMail.Com have these packing list pouches for you – very clearly defined because of their bright, visible colors. They offer strong adherence with additional features such as puncture resistance and protection from dust, dirt, and moisture. Once applied, your pouch can not be removed without cutting or destroying the envelope, so no one has even the slightest scope to corrupt the details. They are also convenient because the receiver does not have to search for items within. The details can be checked just by auditing the packing list enclosed.

Our Packing List Envelopes are a comfortable shipping method and plus they are affordable too. We have ranges of quantities and assorted sizes for your specific requirements. Please visit https://www.shippingsuppliesbymail.com/packing-list-envelopes/packing-list-pouches.html or call us at 440-914-0530 to order your pack now.

Source: https://www.shippingsuppliesbymail.com/blog/reasons-business-people-use-packing-list-pouches/

Be Proud to Ship Packages in the USA – USA Packing List Envelopes


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While shipping has been a routine activity, you can get your creative brains working to step out of the boredom. The idea is to revive your parcels and present something new to your business connections. However, remember not to be too expressive, as that would not look modest. We have a better idea for your packaging innovations. Our shipping envelopes marked ‘USA Packing List Envelopes’ are creating impressions on the market with their sophistication and communicative pattern. Unlike others, we have been bold enough to show the U.S. flag on our packaging envelopes. On the right hand side corner at the bottom, we can find the name ‘United States of America’ printed and the left hand bottom corner displays the proud flag of the country.

USA Packing List Envelopes available at Packaging Supplies By Mail USA Packing List Envelopes

If you want to convey that the parcels are intended to be sent within the United States, or are manufactured in the country, these USA packing list envelopes are a good pick. With these, you do not have to worry for additional approvals by the shipping companies as the USA Packing List Envelopes are approved by FedEx, UPS, and USPS. They are puncture resistant and protect the shipments from dirt, dust, and moisture. In addition, they are tamper resistant and waterproof making them a reliable choice for all kinds of shipping items. You just have to enclose a packing list inside the parcel to be packed and attach one ‘USA Packing List envelope’ to communicate that the parcel is intended for shipping within the US boundaries.

Let us help you with your purchase. Our shipping mailing envelopes are popular for their high-quality adherence and affordable prices. We are also swift and trustworthy in delivering items to our buyers. If you are in a hurry, you can just make a one-click purchase here: https://www.shippingsuppliesbymail.com/packing-list-envelopes/usa-packing-list-envelopes.html. We have bundles of pre-defined quantities so that can you choose according to your requirements. Please contact us at 440-914-0530 or write an email to sales@shippingsuppliesbymail.com to order yours now.

Source: https://www.shippingsuppliesbymail.com/blog/proud-ship-packages-in-usa-packing-list-envelopes/

Is Kraft Paper a Branding Tool for Your Business? – See How

Yes. You read it right. Kraft paper envelopes are awesome packing materials that not only protect the packed items from being damaged but also act as branding tools for your business.

Among the variety of products available on the market as packaging materials, the Kraft Bubble Mailers have managed to sustain customers’ trust for long. They are simple, sophisticated and secure. The kraft mailers offer durability along with simplicity. You don’t always have to have that extra-feature in the exterior; the extra functionality is appreciated more. Kraft bubble mailers are made from high-quality Kraft paper and their self-sealing adhesive strip makes it easy to use them.

Kraft Bubble Mailers available at Shipping Supplies by mail Kraft Bubble Mailers

So, how do they help in branding?

The Kraft envelopes have a plain-sided exterior that allows you to print your company logo or label the outside of the bubble mailer with any promotional content or significant information you wish to display. This way, your company reaches wherever the mailer does. The recipients will easily be able to identify documents or parcels sent by your company.

This looks more professional too. Along with the quality material used in the shipping of products, you are being more informative by displaying the details on the outer side of the mailing envelopes. Moreover, the inner bubble lining helps in uncompromised protection.

You are contributing to save the nature as these kraft paper mailers are eco-friendly too. Manufactured from paper, they are easily degradable and don’t harm Mother Earth. So, here comes the corporate social responsibility (CSR) and your business image is uplifted.

Cost-effective shipping solutions is highly in demand these days as it contributes to a major portion of the total costs incurred by companies (ecommerce businesses know it better). Kraft bubble mailers are available with https://www.shippingsuppliesbymail.com at discounted price. You will get a swift delivery of your orders with an added price advantage. Shipping Supplies By Mail is into the business of packaging and adds up professionalism to your shipping mechanisms, which is the need of an hour – doing simple things beautifully. To know how we can help you in packaging your parcels, please contact us at 440-914-0530.

Source: https://www.shippingsuppliesbymail.com/blog/kraft-paper-business-branding-tool-see/

Keeping Kids Busy is So Easy with the Poly Mailers – Know How


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Kids are mischievous, as they ought to be. Here, we have an interesting idea for you to keep them engaged in play and build their creativity on the go. Exciting, isn’t it? The idea we have, is about Poly Mailers – very commonly used packing material. If you are still sure that we have not lost our minds, read further and you will be amazed…

No Messy Finger Paints

Those color plays are really cute. However, what happens next is a nightmare. The stained clothes, fingers and floor is a fuss. With the poly mailers, it is true fun. They are water-resistant and tear-resistant too. So, there’s no worry of color splashing out of the seal strip. And you’ll enjoy watching your child play with colors then.

Teach & Make Them Practice

These packaging supplies are just fun for learning. Fill the poly mailer with glitter and place a white/ another poly mailer or a transparent sheet over it. Now, allow your kid to practice letters and numbers that need not be erased with fingers. So, clean learning of alphabet and numbers the many times your kids want to. Isn’t it creative?

Introduce Food Items

Just pour in liquids or eatables that your child must know at his/her age and make him reciprocate with the answers. This way, you’ll spend more time educating your child rather than cleaning the food spreads.

Create Awesome Designs

The girls can do this better. Just pour in liquid colors in large sized poly bags and give her a roller. Let her hold it in her hands, roll it over the poly bag, creating a beautiful free design, and see her hop with joy. You just wanted that, right?

To witness the little ones do these creative jobs, you will need a good number of the poly mailers of different sizes. They do not cost much either. You can contact us at 440-914-0530 to order a pack of poly mailers at discounted prices. You can visit our website https://www.shippingsuppliesbymail.com for further details.

Source: https://www.shippingsuppliesbymail.com/blog/keeping-kids-busy-easy-with-poly-mailers/

The Mailman & White Bubble Mailers – Just a 10-Minute Read


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A silent communication between the white bubble mailers & the mail carrier…

While on the way to shipping a bunch of business envelopes every day, the mail carrier person (my friend), made certain observations. He noticed that he has developed a strong bonding with the mailing envelopes as he spent almost the entire day with them.

One day, he sat with all the shipping mailers he had, and found himself engaged in a strange but interesting conversation with the White Bubble Mailers. Here it goes…

White Bubble Mailers available at Shipping Supplies By Mail White Bubble Mailers

Mailman: Hey, you colorless one! I remember, a few years down the line, I had a bunch of you in my shipping bag. However, I feel people don’t like you these days.

WBM: Oh! Why do you feel so?

Mailman: Look, when people started using envelopes for mailing important documents, business/non-business, they chose nothing but you. But they prefer the colored ones now as they look more vibrant and attractive.

WBM: You are partially correct, Mr. However, what you are missing out is that I am the primary invention. They are just derived out of me and I am not at all jealous of them. Also, although you labeled me as the ‘colorless one,’ (as if that means I’m boring or limited) I don’t feel offended, put down or bullied because I’m happy and confident to be who I am and I truly value myself.

Mailman: Wow! You are modest dear white mailer – I need to change my words.

WBM: Buddy, I have grown through all these years too. I have been nurtured with air bubble cushioning to offer more protection and security for the items I carry. My manufacturers bear less production cost, which in turn lessens the purchasing costs to be borne by resellers & wholesalers. Moreover, I make a nice professional packaging tool to say the least and that is the reason why I am stocked in huge quantities amongst many offices across the globe. All the 3rd party couriers have acknowledged me as useful and reliable. So although you consider me trivial, my ability speaks for itself. What else do I need to explain to convince you?

Mailman: I apologize to you, dear white envelope. I just expressed my opinion and now I understand how wrong I was.

WBM: No problem. I am happy that you asked me.

My friend, the mailman, was so very pleased with this conversation that he bought a pack of 200 white mailing envelopes from ShippingSuppliesByMail.Com – An authenticated supplier of wholesale self-seal plastic bags. They provide assorted sizes of these white bubble mailers so that you choose the right fit for your day-to-day shipping requirements. If you have to order one for yourself, just dial 440-914-0530. You can purchase it online too. Visit https://www.shippingsuppliesbymail.com/bubble-mailers/white-bubble-mailers.html. For more details, log on to https://www.shippingsuppliesbymail.com.

Source: https://www.shippingsuppliesbymail.com/blog/mailman-white-bubble-mailers-just-10-minute-read/

Reasons Why Bubbly Bubble Out Bags Are Popular


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Bubble Out Bags are unique in the manner that they have turned the bubbles out from inside to outside, thus the name – bubble out bag is both relevant and appropriate for your mailing tasks. These mailing envelopes are aimed at providing extra protection to your shipments and parcels. Being that they are transparent, they also let you see through the inner contents of a package. When asked, Will Henderson, Quality Control Manager at ShippingSuppliesByMail.Com, said that the bubble out bags are bursting out the sales figures because vendors are experiencing high value through savings and lower shipment damage expenses.

Unlike many other packaging materials on the market, these bubble bags offer an outer bubble lining that withstands abuse and pressure. They are beneficial because of their efficiency as they save both time and energy during packaging tasks as the items slide in easily without much difficulty and offer just the perfect fitting. Bubble Out Bags make the most accessible and affordable pouch when you have to quickly parcel something. They are cost-effective too. The manufacturers do not use CFC in the production of these bags, making them recyclable and thereby safe for Mother Earth.

Bubble Out Bag available at Shipping Supplies By Mail Bubble Out Bag

Bubble Out Bags give you a pleasing experience when shipping fragile/non-fragile items. They are even safe to use for the transport of electronic goods. The bubble pouches have excellent air retention, allowing the bubbles to stay inflated for long-lasting protection. Another surprising fact about the exterior bubbles is that kids (as well as grown-ups) enjoy puncturing the bubbles and hearing the unique popping noise.

The wholesale self-sealing bubble pouches are available in assorted sizes so that you can select the one that fulfils your specific packaging requirements. A competitive range of products enclosed in varied stocks is available on online stores such as – www.shippingsuppliesbymail.com.  Here, you will find a complete store of different styles of shipping materials for both – official or domestic purposes. For any help regarding your purchase of the bubble out bags, contact us at 440-914-0530. We also stock glamour bubble mailers, kraft bubble mailers and white bubble mailers, as we understand that you would require different packaging for different items.

Source: https://www.shippingsuppliesbymail.com/blog/reasons-bubbly-bubble-bags-popular/