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Packaging and shipping of chemically sensitive materials is a task of great concern and so we have come up with easy solutions that comply to the necessary industrial and medical standards while ensuring product safety during the specified duration. Let’s have a look at some of the qualities that are required to handle such sensitive products:

  • They must be authentically certified by agencies such as USDA, FDA, CDC, and OSHA.
  • They must protect against ultraviolet penetration, any sort of contamination, and infections.
  • They must provide optimal leak protection.
  • They must communicate the reactive nature of the products packed within.
  • They must protect from dust, dirt, and moisture attacks.

We recommend using the following Healthcare Packaging Products:

Shipping Supplies That Are Best for Chemical Transportation

  • Specimen Bags
  • Tamper Evident Bags
  • Amber Reclosable Bags
  • Red Infectious Waste Liner Bags


SPECIMEN BAGSThese bags are great specimen carrying equipment that is used in transportation of specimen samples. Made from LDPE, these bags prevent leakage and contamination. They also have a document holding pouch that communicates information about the inner contents.

TAMPER EVIDENT BAGSThe tamper evident bags provide integrity when storing items such as laboratory samples, toxic chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and cancer medications.

AMBER RECLOSABLE BAGSThese amber colored reclosable bags are safe and affordable too. They provide excellent protection against ultra violet rays and reduce the damage caused by them. These are great for use in medical, industrial as well as home set up.

RED INFECTIOUS WASTE LINER BAGSMedical waste is different from other kinds of wastes and thus requires special type of carriages such as our Red Infectious Waste Liner Bags to have puncture resistant and tamper resistant protection for the products.

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