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Packaging is a collaborative process that can be completed efficiently only if the right material is used for the right purpose. Although you use strong boxes and other packing materials, choosing the wrong packaging accessories like industrial tapes can cause a lot of frustration, expensive product damage, and loss of time as well as money.

The best kind of tape may vary for different purposes. An industrial tape that works wonders for a specific packaging would be the worst choice for another. So, you need to know which tape serves which purpose the best. Usually the characteristics buyers must look for while purchasing tapes is adhesiveness, strength and ease of use. However there is something more that you must know about industrial tapes.


Filament Tape available at Shipping Supplies By Mail Filament Tape

These are equipped with fiberglass strands to provide enhanced support for packaging boxes that stand to be jolted during transport or require to be exposed to cold and heat. They are available in a variety of grades ranging from those that can hold 100 pounds to the ones that are known to hold heavier weights up to 380 pounds.


Gummed Tape available at Shipping Supplies By Mail Gummed Tape

These are typically wet with a sponge or a dispenser and are known to create a permanent bond that is capable of holding heavy boxes or packaging material. The bond is so strong that it can retain large sized packages for long-term. Just one layer is enough to apply strength on the packages and therefore you need not require more tape. Usually gummed tapes are used for cartons that bear heat and cold extremities.


Duct Tape available at Shipping Supplies By Mail Duct Tape

Duct tapes are a big NO when it comes to packing moving boxes as it does not possess strong adherence qualities especially to material like cardboard. It also leaves a residue on removing and can be messy when used in packages that are stored in heat. However, it is a great choice for various other decorative purposes.


Masking Tape available at Shipping Supplies By Mail Masking Tape

The masking tapes are popular industrial tapes that adhere great, withstand water, tear effortlessly and are easy to peel. But due to its easy peeling characteristic, it may not perform well in sealing packages. Rather, it is an amazing tape for labeling box contents or bundling items such as kitchen utensils loose.

Now that you know which tape is good for packing moving goods, it is time to stock the one which suffices your purpose well. Shipping Supplies By Mail are reliable suppliers of all kinds of industrial tapes and other packaging material in packs of different sizes. Visit our website https://www.shippingsuppliesbymail.com/tape.html to browse through our products or call us at 440-914-0530 to place your order.

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