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Filling colors in your packaging has its own advantages. Colored stretch wraps are amazingly creative packaging materials that have dared to break stereotypes in the packaging industry by being brightly colored while maintaining the dexterity and toughness of traditional stretch wraps.


Stretch wraps possess unique adhering qualities and providing additional benefit, the colored stretch wraps can hold goods intact while categorizing them for easy and quick identification. You can keep items separated so that your warehouse or shipments look organized and remain secure – both at the same time.

Colored Stretch Wrap available at Shipping Supplies By Mail Colored Stretch Wrap


Do you wish that your items remain unexposed but safe while in transport, use the dark color stretch wrap so that your shipment is safe and maintains the privacy of your products. The dark colored stretch wraps are completely opaque and ensure that nothing of your package is seen.


White stretch wrap is the perfect packaging solution in case you are packing heat sensitive products as white protects from heat. Moreover, the white stretch wraps are opaque too, so you don’t have to worry about revealing your products to the world.


Colored stretch wraps allow manufacturers to differentiate products for returns, QA and repair making it easy to manage the stock and avoid mixing up products that would otherwise lead to bad reputation of the organization.


This is a great opportunity to stay loyal to your brand’s color and look uniform throughout. Pick the color of your choice and spread brand awareness.

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