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Have you been using the terms packaging materials and shipping materials as synonyms? Undoubtedly, the answer is in the affirmative and it is quite ridiculous to do that, isn’t it? The names are different and so are the meanings and purposes too. Obviously, both serve the packaging and shipping industry, however, they wish to have an independent identity as well.

Ironically, the packaging material can be used for shipping too but the reverse may not be true always. We, at Shipping Supplies By Mail are suppliers of both – shipping material supplies and packaging materials and therefore thought of enlightening users about this thin line of difference between the two.


As a packaging item, my job is to pack items so that they are protected from dust, dirt, or any other foreign material I ensure that products are safe and in their original shape and composition and prepare them to be sold out or distributed further. I also help users identify a similar category of products kept together with a distinct packaging that refers to the specific category. I am a branding item too and aid manufacturers to display their company logo, name and other important details in an attractive manner. Users usually judge the quality and utility of the products by my appearance. Yes, I am the packaging material.

I am available in different forms:

Tapes: In this form, I secure the ends of the carton that occupies products. I ensure that the product packed within remains intact and is not exposed to the outside environment that could possibly damage or interfere with its original composition. I wear various colors to fit to specific jobs. I am available as Clear Packing Tape for securing packages in their cartons invisibly. It looks as if there is no tape at all and the box appears as its own self. In contrast to these, my version of Tan Packaging Tape has a tanned appearance that looks professional and possesses strong adhesive properties. I am also available in printed patterns which speak something while securing the ends in their places. My Masking Tape varieties are largely of benefit to painters as they increase their efficiency at work. Duct tapes is my most popular and widely used variety while gummed tapes are preferred for purposes that demand high levels of adhesiveness in extreme weather conditions.

Industrial Tapes available at Shipping Supplies By Mail Industrial Tapes

Colored Carton Sealing Tape, Aisle Marking Tape, Strapping Tape, Clear Natural Tape, and Luminescent Tape are other varieties in which I help the packaging industry.

Stretch Wrap: This form of mine is used to bind items together with a tight and secure wrap. I am made from Linear low-density polyethelene that has elastic recovery properties. Users say that I am a convenient option for protecting their products from getting misplaced/lost and reducing injury incidences at work. There are extensive processes behind my manufacturing and I struggle through more refined ones for being extra-strong while maintaining a thin layer and elasticity. In this form, I ensure palletizing objects in an economical way to categorize them distinctly and save from any external damage.

Colored Stretch Wrap available at Shipping Supplies By Mail Colored Stretch Wrap

I am used as a packaging tool in various varieties. Some of the most commonly used ones are Cast Stretch Wraps, Blown Stretch Wraps, Down Gauge Stretch Wraps, Coreless Stretch Wraps, Colored Stretch Wraps, Pre-Stretch Wraps (with or without folded edges), Specialty Stretch Wraps, and Anti-Stat Stretch Wraps.


My job starts when the packer does its job. Once an item is packed securely, my role comes into action when I take care of the packaged items while they are in transit. As a shipper, my responsibilities are to save the items from any kind of tampering or damage while the items are on their way to the actual user. I shield the packages from severe environmental conditions such as moisture, dust and also from sharp edges of the vehicles used for shipping purposes.

Though I serve as a protector for shipping items, I am available in a wide variety of colors, shapes, and sizes to be put to affordable and customized uses which are in accordance with the senders’ as well as receivers’ core businesses or intend. It is my responsibility to save $$$ by ensuring swift and tamper-free delivery of packaged products while maintaining their original shape so that goods are not damaged/lost during transit.

Let me introduce myself in detail:

Kraft Bubble Mailers available at Shipping Supplies By Mail Kraft Bubble Mailers

Kraft Bubble Mailers: In this form, I perform in the most economical manner by providing a top quality adhesive seal and bubble interior that eliminates the chances of items being exposed to harmful impacts. I dress myself up in vibrant colors for being the perfect shipping material for gifting purposes. My Bubble Out Bags variety is widely used for obvious reasons. I offer different sizes and quantity packs so that users can order only the required quantity.

Poly Mailers: Also, I am available in the form of Poly Mailers that do not have bubble cushioning. People use me for shipping important documents or cloth samples.

Packing List Envelopes: I ensure that the shipment contains the right package and is addressed to the right person. I am packed along with the cartons so that receivers also get to see the package documentation.

Packing List Enclosed available at Shipping Suppies By Mail Packing List Enclosed

Whether it is shipping material or packaging material, Shipping Supplies By Mail is one store for all. We are a cost effective solution to packaging and shipping necessities in households as well as industries. At Shipping Supplies By Mail, we ensure that your shipments look professional and you experience quality packaging processes. Visit our website https://www.shippingsuppliesbymail.com to browse through the wide variety of products available at our online store. We equip materials that save on your operational costs while not compromising on the quality. You can get in touch with one of our executives at 440-914-0530 to discuss further details or place an order.

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