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Damage control is a huge issue that many vendors face when shipping their products through 3rd party agencies where the normal handling procedures are quite rugged, but common. Not only that, transitioning to a new location or organizing your warehouse can be a bit stressful if you don’t have the right tools that will bring forth a smooth process. This is where various versions of Down Gauge Hand Film is so vital, because items can be easily displayed or determined because of the high visibility this stretch wrap provides.

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Likewise, Down Gauge Hand Film provides certainty for various forms of shipping as it retains the capability to hold the products strongly together because of its complete self-adhering characteristics. Also, Pipe Wrap Down Gauge Stretch Film offers maximum stability, regardless if the package is irregular shaped, delicate, or hefty. Some things are just way too complicated.

Down Gauge Hand Film doesn’t require much time, effort or thought to be effective for you packaging needs. Stretch wrap adheres to itself and will sort of remind you of packing tape, except without glue. You’ll certainly notice that it’s easy to apply and in most applications, lightweight. Here are some more advantages to using Stretch Wrap as your central means for unitizing your shipments. For instance, Down Gauge Hand Film protects against dust, dirt and climatic weather conditions, prevents loads from collapsing during transit and reduces shipment charges, as packages are able to be bundled. Compared to glue, shrink wrapping, or strapping, Down Gauge Hand Film is quite an efficient method to keep many packages together. Plenty of loads have been subjected to toppling over when transported.

This Hand Film has an “Elastic” property which is required to withstand vibrations in order to keep loads together.  Down Gauge Hand Film is a plastic film which can be used for protecting all goods, be it wooden, glass or other delicate items. A highly stretchable film, it’s viable for wrapping items and it’s sufficient for resisting a whole slew of issues incorporated with various transit conditions. How is it possible? Well, because of the elastic recovery which tightly binds items together and the poly material which is strongly defensive against dust, moisture and climatic weather, this product is ideal being that it’s cost efficient and versatile.

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