Masking tapes are an excellent line of packaging tapes that finds space in many industrial as well as domestic purposes. Whatever industry you think of, from aerospace to painting and decorating, masking tapes are useful for such applications. They are both oil and water resistant, making them useful in a variety of applications. Due to its characteristics, it makes a perfect choice for industrial painting, artistic design, labeling, and exhibits. Moreover, it seals great, protects valuables, and is very easy to tear.

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Normally, a lot of 3D painters rely on Blue Masking Tape (3M) to cover their build plate with as it offers good adhesion to the plate, provides an even surface and most of all is great for 3D printing parts over it. The tape itself has an uneven surface and is sufficiently heat resistant to provide a good adhesion of the printed part on it.

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As an alternative, when white painter tape was used in the 3D printing, that is comparatively cheaper than the blue masking tape, it did not work that great. The main problem with the white masking tapes was that they are not so heat resistant and the glue can lose its grip even though initially it appears to stick perfectly. With that said, we still suggest using white masking tape for smaller 3D prints as it is easily removable from the build plate.

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When other types of tapes like Kapton tape were used for 3D printing, results were not very convincing because none of those tapes stayed attached to the surface like masking tapes, especially the blue masking tape. Masking tapes characterize high heat resistance which makes them a perfect choice for use in printing jobs. When working with printers that do not have a heated build plate and printing PLA, Kaptontapes and the common white masking tapes can give pretty good results.

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