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Gloves are a basic necessity and a must-have in every domestic as well as industrial establishment. ShippingSuppliesByMail.Com have put together awesome festive packaging ideas for using these industrial and safety gloves this festive season.

Glove-full Christmas Tree & Santa Cap

Forget those traditional Holiday trees. Be trendy. Use industrial latex gloves and rubber gloves to design a modern one. Your visitors are sure to love your creativity.

Source: Pinterest.com

Source: Pinterest.com

Tidy your Home Curtains

Use contrast colored gloves to offer elegance to your pair of window curtains by tying them to the ends.

Source: Pinterest.com

Gardening Options

Is it not a good idea to decorate your brick wall with these glove pots and have a hanging garden at your own place?

Source: Pinterest.com

Cool Hanging Lamps

Just insert a light rod and hang them up on the wall to have a unique lamp above the dining table.

Source: Pinterest.com

Perfect Accessories for Your Vases

Just blow up the gloves and apply some happening colors. You’ve got awesomely decorated vases now.

Source: Pinterest.com

Naughty Pieces

The pure whites can be turned into beautiful art works.

Source: Pinterest.com


Turn Gloves to Cute Dresses

Add some frill and laces to black nitrile gloves and wear them to any long thing. It will be fun. 😉

Source: Pinterest

Glove-lit Pond

Make your entrance more welcoming by placing gloves in the pond and light some bulbs around.

Source: Pinterest.com

Industrial gloves are not just for safety. They are sturdy and affordable decorative material that can be put to unique shapes and purposes. Get some if your stock is low or even finished. Visit https://www.shippingsuppliesbymail.com/industrial-gloves.html

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