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Welcome to Shipping Supplies By Mail Festive Series

The ShippingSuppliesByMail.Com team has prepared itself for Christmas 2016, and they are all set to welcome Christmas and bid a farewell to 2016. They have brought in exciting ideas on how to use the packaging material in your storage for unique purposes.

Starting with Duct Tapes:

Give a high five to the creative thinkers who put ducting tapes to the weirdest of uses one could ever think of. Duct tapes are strong, waterproof, cloth-backed polythene adhesive tapes that can be used for critical purposes. Ever since the time it was created during the World War II, it has gained immense popularity and the intelligent minds discovered unique ways to fix things up with the Duct Tapes. Introducing to you the awesomeness of duct tapes:

Shelter Your Christmas Crib

Celebrate this Christmas by making a crib displaying the nativity of Jesus in art. Shelter your creation with a duct tape tent to save it from the winds.


Duct Tape Hammock – Relax in the woods

Spend some time relaxing in the holiday season. If you just wish to enjoy Christmas at home, better spend some time with nature and the equipment is really affordable. Grab the ducting tape from the shelf and make this structure. Believe us, it can bear your weight.


Light the Night Roads with Your Bicycle

Why waste the fuel? Bicycling is a good exercise. Just tie flashlights to your bicycle handles and you are all set to ride your way.


Pack Your Essentials Above the Car         


If it is a family outing this Christmas, don’t let luggage occupy a man’s space. Patch it on the roof with these extremely strong duct tapes and drive your normal speed.

Dress Funky and Grab All the Attention at the Party


Don’t be too cautious about your looks. This duct tape clothing would leave others dumbstruck.

Don’t You Think These Bags would Match up?



If you don’t have a new bag for the outing, just wrap the one you have with colored duct tapes and step out. Amazing, isn’t it?

Water-proof Shoes008


Why spend your savings on purchasing water-proof shoes? This is really easy and quick.

Neck Tie or Neck Tape


This one is sure to make you roll on the floor.

Elegant Dangles


Wow! Colorful, simple, and elegant…

Wax it off 😉

Source: Pinterest.com

Boys, want to wear those V-neck t-shirts but worried about the chest hair? Duct tapes do the job very well.

And there are many more…

Duct tapes aren’t just adhesive tapes. They solve more complex purposes than they are meant for.

ShippingSuppliesByMail.Com provides a certified shipping mechanism that is accepted by all 3rd party shipment carriers such as UPS, USPS and Fed-EX. Our duct tapes can be used in multiple facets of environments and many have benefited from the results of this tape during home improvement, construction, and industrial purposes.

Source: https://www.shippingsuppliesbymail.com/blog/2016-festive-packaging-tips-creative-uses-duct-tapes/