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Safety gloves are one of the essentials to be stocked with regarding any industrial or domestic purposes. However, it is important to shop for a type that suits to your specific application. To help you choose the best alternative, we have listed below a detailed description of some of the types of gloves suitable for you. See below:

Vinyl Gloves available at Shipping Supplies By Mail

Vinyl Gloves


PLASTIC GLOVES: These are the most common and most economical choice available today. Made of plastic, this version is inexpensive when compared to others. They are also lightweight and stretchable too, making them a perfect choice for most delicate items. Gloves made from poly material include polyethylene, nylon & vinyl gloves.
  • Polyethylene gloves – Food industries
  • Vinyl gloves – Dishwashing and janitorial purposes & Handling oily, greasy, and chemical substances
  • Nylon gloves – Painting, electronics, and pharmaceutical uses

RUBBER GLOVES: They are slightly different from their plastic counterparts due to the applicable task they’re assigned to. However, rubber gloves serve more benefits such as elasticity and higher resistance to breakage. Also, they are more expensive than the plastic ones. Rubber gloves that are commonly used in industrial set-ups are:

  • Latex gloves – Wide application in food industries and housekeeping
  • Neoprene gloves – Heavy duty use in research and manufacturing facilities as they are resistant to cuts, high temperatures, and abrasions.
  • Nitrile gloves – Medical procedures and laboratories as they are resistant to oils, hydrocarbons, greases, and petroleum substances.
Cotton Gloves available at Shipping Supplies By Mail

Cotton Gloves


COTTON GLOVES: These are breathable, lightweight and durable and ideal in industrial settings. Although these can handle cuts and abrasions at their best, we cannot save them from getting spoiled by liquids and greases. The cotton-made gloves are most commonly used in gardening, handling shovels & hammers and wood working because cotton knitted gloves provide a better grip on the material at work.

LEATHER GLOVES: One of the best in the glove industry, leather gloves are more durable and flexible out of all the other types of gloves available on the market. However, similar to cotton gloves, these are also poor at handling liquid substances. The types of leather gloves include mechanic gloves, welding gloves, and riggers gloves. Leather is soft to the wearers’ hands too, justifying its higher range in terms of cost.

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