Yes. You read it right. Kraft paper envelopes are awesome packing materials that not only protect the packed items from being damaged but also act as branding tools for your business.

Among the variety of products available on the market as packaging materials, the Kraft Bubble Mailers have managed to sustain customers’ trust for long. They are simple, sophisticated and secure. The kraft mailers offer durability along with simplicity. You don’t always have to have that extra-feature in the exterior; the extra functionality is appreciated more. Kraft bubble mailers are made from high-quality Kraft paper and their self-sealing adhesive strip makes it easy to use them.

Kraft Bubble Mailers available at Shipping Supplies by mail Kraft Bubble Mailers

So, how do they help in branding?

The Kraft envelopes have a plain-sided exterior that allows you to print your company logo or label the outside of the bubble mailer with any promotional content or significant information you wish to display. This way, your company reaches wherever the mailer does. The recipients will easily be able to identify documents or parcels sent by your company.

This looks more professional too. Along with the quality material used in the shipping of products, you are being more informative by displaying the details on the outer side of the mailing envelopes. Moreover, the inner bubble lining helps in uncompromised protection.

You are contributing to save the nature as these kraft paper mailers are eco-friendly too. Manufactured from paper, they are easily degradable and don’t harm Mother Earth. So, here comes the corporate social responsibility (CSR) and your business image is uplifted.

Cost-effective shipping solutions is highly in demand these days as it contributes to a major portion of the total costs incurred by companies (ecommerce businesses know it better). Kraft bubble mailers are available with at discounted price. You will get a swift delivery of your orders with an added price advantage. Shipping Supplies By Mail is into the business of packaging and adds up professionalism to your shipping mechanisms, which is the need of an hour – doing simple things beautifully. To know how we can help you in packaging your parcels, please contact us at 440-914-0530.