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A silent communication between the white bubble mailers & the mail carrier…

While on the way to shipping a bunch of business envelopes every day, the mail carrier person (my friend), made certain observations. He noticed that he has developed a strong bonding with the mailing envelopes as he spent almost the entire day with them.

One day, he sat with all the shipping mailers he had, and found himself engaged in a strange but interesting conversation with the White Bubble Mailers. Here it goes…

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Mailman: Hey, you colorless one! I remember, a few years down the line, I had a bunch of you in my shipping bag. However, I feel people don’t like you these days.

WBM: Oh! Why do you feel so?

Mailman: Look, when people started using envelopes for mailing important documents, business/non-business, they chose nothing but you. But they prefer the colored ones now as they look more vibrant and attractive.

WBM: You are partially correct, Mr. However, what you are missing out is that I am the primary invention. They are just derived out of me and I am not at all jealous of them. Also, although you labeled me as the ‘colorless one,’ (as if that means I’m boring or limited) I don’t feel offended, put down or bullied because I’m happy and confident to be who I am and I truly value myself.

Mailman: Wow! You are modest dear white mailer – I need to change my words.

WBM: Buddy, I have grown through all these years too. I have been nurtured with air bubble cushioning to offer more protection and security for the items I carry. My manufacturers bear less production cost, which in turn lessens the purchasing costs to be borne by resellers & wholesalers. Moreover, I make a nice professional packaging tool to say the least and that is the reason why I am stocked in huge quantities amongst many offices across the globe. All the 3rd party couriers have acknowledged me as useful and reliable. So although you consider me trivial, my ability speaks for itself. What else do I need to explain to convince you?

Mailman: I apologize to you, dear white envelope. I just expressed my opinion and now I understand how wrong I was.

WBM: No problem. I am happy that you asked me.

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Source: https://www.shippingsuppliesbymail.com/blog/mailman-white-bubble-mailers-just-10-minute-read/