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Bubble mailers are undoubtedly the best packaging device to ship your items with, because they offer a secure inner bubble lining that protects the items. But, to choose between poly bubble mailers and kraft bubble mailers is another important question. Don’t worry; you are not the only one wondering… Both justify their own functions and performances, giving rise to the world-wide confusion.

kbm vs pbm

The solution is: It depends.

There is no perfect solution for the various shipping requirements that many individuals and vendors experience with their items. It all depends majorly on the items to be shipped, the environmental and the financial situations. So, let us analyze the many factors that may affect your decision:

  • Printing & Color – Colors play an important role in packaging. Both, the outer surface color and the color of displayed content. If you wish to be natural with the clear, crisp lines and displaying true colors of your custom design, well considering poly mailers is your pick. However, if you like to be colorful subtly, kraft bubble mailers are your most superb fit. Nevertheless, for satisfying both the purposes of color and material, white bubble mailers are highly effective.
  • Strength & Weight Kraft bubble mailers are lined with high-profile bubbles, supporting heavier material confidently. It features a bubble size of 3/16” which is more rigid than that of poly bubble mailers (7/64”). If you are concerned more about the weight, poly bubble mailers can help you with that. But it will be a huge risk on the protection of the contents inside simply because they are less shock absorbent.
  • Recyclability – No, No, No… Don’t mistaken here. If you are thinking that Kraft bubbler mailers are the recyclable ones, you are making a big mistake. Ironically, poly bubble mailers take the crown for this objective. Thus, recycling kraft bubble envelopes, you need to first separate the kraft and recycle the bubble lining. However, with poly bubble mailers the entire mailer is recycled at once.
  • Moisture – This is really important. Your parcel may get damaged due to moist environment. Kraft paper gets damp due to its properties. However, if the weather is not considerably moist, kraft bubble envelopes are the right choice because of their budget friendly value.
  • Freight – The high-profile mailers would obviously result in a heavier freight than the lighter material. Only half as many kraft mailers would fit onto a pallet compared to poly bubble mailers. To worry about the costs or quality is purely your choice.
Kraft Bubble Mailers available at Shipping Supplies By Mail Kraft Bubble Mailers

Thus, for a comprehensive choice of bubble mailers – kraft or poly is a decision to be made after analyzing the specifications of requirements and depends on certain external factors too. For industrial purposes, it is advisable to stock a large variety of different kinds and sizes of bubble mailers because packaging and shipping demands are everyday tasks amongst the e-commerce industry. Here, the next question that must come to your mind is – which brand to choose from? Yes. Brand matters when choosing your packaging materials. Product quality and reliability comes higher & better with a branded product. So, while shopping for bubble mailers, visit ShippingSuppliesByMail.Com and check the wide variety and sizes of quality bubble mailers. You can save 10% more by ordering above $250. Don’t forget to enter the code: ‘SAVE 10’ to activate the special!

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