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One of the most low cost (if not the) packaging/shipment mechanism that is suitable for today’s ecommerce demands, Poly Mailers, is designed to support your delivery agenda expediently, economically and effectively! One thing that is very noticeable concerning Poly Mailers is when it comes to packaging and shipping arrangements nearly everybody (and their mamma) are using them. Have you ever order a small non-fragile item off of Amazon or eBay or mainly just about any other website and as soon as you checked your mailbox you noticed this greyish/white package that has housed your anticipated purchased product? Well if so, my question to you is…what did you notice (maybe you didn’t actually pay any attention to the delivery packaging because there was no alarming need to do so but let’s evaluate it now to see why there was no need to be alarmed at all) about the Poly Mailer?

We can identify its durability

Poly Mailers offer extreme protection against handling related damages that commonly occur during transit. Due to its polyethylene material, these mailers are able to withstand puncture, inclement weather hazards and deflect dirt and debris from ruining the product.

We can identify its dollar value

Poly Mailers are a low cost option for vendors and individuals to use to ship their items with. In any business savings is key; therefore Poly Mailers allow vendors to be competitive in their price points so that consumers can greatly benefit. When conducting online purchasing, one must recognize that part of the reason they are receiving such a great deal is because the method of shipping doesn’t require a high expense charge due to the economic advantage of Poly Mailers.

We can identify its design

Poly Mailers are very protective due to their high adhesive seal strip. Who doesn’t want their package shipped sage and secure? Unlike faulty tape, (which many vendors use when shipping their products in boxes in order to save money) Poly Mailers are noticeably sealed; so much so, they require the receiver to completely rip the package open so that they may retrieve their item. Due to that adhesive quality, customers can have confidence in future shipments that they reorder because Poly Mailers offer proven shipment integrity.

We can identify its distributor

Like the saying goes: “all money isn’t good money,” so the same is with Poly Mailers. Unfortunately, like in anything, people choose to cut corners on quality, and in doing so, they compromise effectiveness. With so many online vendors distributing Poly Mailers, it’s key to obtain a supplier who offers premium performance so that you as a vendor who uses Poly Mailers to ship your products with, don’t hinder your profit gains and customer relations due to transit related damages. We at ShippingSuppliesByMail.Com are industry leaders in premium industrial packaging supplies and we pride ourselves in being one of the top online vendors for wholesale Poly Mailers. If you’re searching for a proven supplier, we are you top choice because of our low cost discount prices, our swift purchase order delivery qualities and most importantly, our high performance that our products offer. Be sure to log on to our website and find the products that are suitable for your shipping and mailing demands!

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