List of Shipping Supplies That Are Best for Chemical Transportation


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Packaging and shipping of chemically sensitive materials is a task of great concern and so we have come up with easy solutions that comply to the necessary industrial and medical standards while ensuring product safety during the specified duration. Let’s have a look at some of the qualities that are required to handle such sensitive products:

  • They must be authentically certified by agencies such as USDA, FDA, CDC, and OSHA.
  • They must protect against ultraviolet penetration, any sort of contamination, and infections.
  • They must provide optimal leak protection.
  • They must communicate the reactive nature of the products packed within.
  • They must protect from dust, dirt, and moisture attacks.

We recommend using the following Healthcare Packaging Products:

Shipping Supplies That Are Best for Chemical Transportation

  • Specimen Bags
  • Tamper Evident Bags
  • Amber Reclosable Bags
  • Red Infectious Waste Liner Bags


SPECIMEN BAGSThese bags are great specimen carrying equipment that is used in transportation of specimen samples. Made from LDPE, these bags prevent leakage and contamination. They also have a document holding pouch that communicates information about the inner contents.

TAMPER EVIDENT BAGSThe tamper evident bags provide integrity when storing items such as laboratory samples, toxic chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and cancer medications.

AMBER RECLOSABLE BAGSThese amber colored reclosable bags are safe and affordable too. They provide excellent protection against ultra violet rays and reduce the damage caused by them. These are great for use in medical, industrial as well as home set up.

RED INFECTIOUS WASTE LINER BAGSMedical waste is different from other kinds of wastes and thus requires special type of carriages such as our Red Infectious Waste Liner Bags to have puncture resistant and tamper resistant protection for the products.

It is time to change your packaging and shipping methods!!! Pack your chemically sensitive items in one of these products available at now.




The Shipping Guide – Types of Shipping Mailers and Their Uses


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In our previous blog – TYPES OF INDUSTRIAL TAPES AND THEIR APPLICATIONS, we learnt about the different types of industrial tapes that serve specific purposes. This blog concentrates more on the shipping mailers that enable efficient and cost saving shipping mechanisms. Nowadays it is really important to instill professionalism into every aspect of business and packaging plays a vital role as it primarily represents products to customers. Shipping Mailers are designed to accommodate this business need of industries. They are available in various varieties to be able to serve specific purposes. Let us have a look at the different types Shipping Mailers available on the market and their uses.


What are types Shipping Mailers and their Uses?

  • Kraft Bubble Mailers
  • Poly Mailers
  • Metallic Glamour Bubble Mailers
  • Poly Bubble Mailers
  • Packing List Envelopes/ Pouches


Kraft Bubble Mailers available at Kraft Bubble Mailers

When you wish to grab a mailer that is economical and provides the expected level of protection to shipments, the self-sealing Kraft Bubble Mailers must be your first pick. This shipping mailer has a plain exterior that allows you to write important details about the packed products and its interior bubble cushioning protects the item from getting damaged due to external attacks.


Poly Mailers available at Poly Mailers

Worried about shipping losses? Do not think much and start using Poly Mailers as they are apt for shipping regular items that are prone to damage during transit. The Poly Mailers are tamper-resistant, puncture-resistant shipping materials that do not allow water, dirt, or moisture to reach the inner contents. So, if you want to send across documents or clothing samples, this is just the perfect shipping mailer for you. They are available in various thickness options – 2, 2.5, 3 mil to specifically serve your needs.


Metallic Glamour Bubble Mailers available at Metallic Bubble Mailers

With its glossy exterior, the Glamour Bubble Mailer has won hearts of those who love to fill colors in whatever they do. These are used when there is a special occasion and the exchange is not necessarily professional in nature. The Metallic Bubble Mailers are outlined by bubbles all over and look glamorous with those vibrant colors. They are cost-efficient and colorful ways of shipping items while also protecting them from shipping damages.


Poly Bubble Mailers available at Poly Bubble Mailers

The Poly Bubble Mailers are high-quality packaging mailers that are acceptable for use by third party shipping services such as FedEx, UPS, and USPS. They are ultimate sources of shipping items that are efficient for damage free shipping even for fragile items. The poly bubble mailers feature a grayish white interior and exterior that helps to conceal the packages to reduce the risk of theft during transit. They are also highly flexible, expandable and durable.


Packing List Envelopes available at Packing List Envelopes

Apart from packing products, we recommend having packing list envelopes that display detailed information related to the shipment like invoices, sales flyers, safety data, etc. These are generally used to notify users about what’s packed within the large boxes and have bright colors to be easily readable. Some Packing List Envelopes are transparent to contain printed documents that easily convey important information about items packed within.

For more varieties and size options, please visit


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Why Do You Need a Produce Bag to Hold Your Grocery?


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When packing or storing food items, produce bags are an alternative that is much demanded over the plastic containers. Food items require special attention, especially if intended to store for longer duration. Grocery shopping is shopping for a complete family’s health and thus requires special care. Using economically friendly packaging material such as produce bags add to the hygiene of those who are going to consume the food items packed within.

Produce Bags available at Shipping Supplies By MailHeat, moisture, and pollution have a huge impact on the critical food items that are very susceptible to contamination and chemical reactions. Premium grocery bags are manufactured to safeguard the original composition of these eatables while preventing them from getting damaged or rotten. Besides, these grocery bags provide an ample storage space and secure the freshness of the food items. Produce bags are a type of packaging material that is exclusively used for carrying and transporting sensitive eatable products and trusted by many for preserving freshness and original content of the packages. These are transparent in appearance and are approved by USDA/FDA for safety of use.

Packaging is never same for all the products. Sharp objects, glass items, food items, clothing, all require a unique kind of packaging that serves a specific purpose. In all cases, protection of the packed items is the major concern. At Shipping Supplies By Mail, you will find a wide range of packaging and shipping materials that are sure to perform at their best while saving you considerable amounts of money on bulk purchases. Our customers rely upon our services and have stayed with us from long years now. To view the produce bags and other products that we offer, please visit or feel free to call us at 440-914-0530 during business hours.


Wrap It Colorful with the Colored Stretch Wraps


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Although the most common type of stretch wraps available are either black or clear, many users are unaware of the colored stretch wraps offer more advantageous wrapping and palletizing solutions that look attractive too. The colored stretch wraps are just the perfect palletizing solution due to certain specific advantages they offer.

Colored Stretch Wrap available at Shipping Supplies By Mail


The colored stretch films are efficient in keeping your products private as they are opaque, not showing off the contents packed within. If your products are not to be displayed while they are in transit, these colored wraps are an awesome solution for you. The White stretch wraps are also opaque in nature and do not disclose the packed items.


In case you are wrapping items that are sensitive towards heat, our white colored plastic stretch wraps are the best alterative as white doesn’t absorb neither does it attract heat. Usually these wraps are used to palletize huge loads of chocolate. In addition to being protective, the white wraps also help maintain privacy of your shipments.


The colored stretch wrap films are an easy solution to separate items from one another so that users can quickly identify them. It avoids confusion and makes the storage look more organized. You can also segregate the pallets to identify the shipping sites or locations.


Colored plastic wraps make it clear and simplify identification of pallet loads so that there is no mixing up of the available ready-to-ship stock with the returns.


Promote your company by wrapping your products such that the packages match your company color theme.

ShippingSuppliesByMail is a reliable source of colored stretch wraps that are cost-effective, durable, and tear/heat/tamper resistant. Please visit for more details or reach us at 440-914-0530 so that we can process your order soon.


How to Select An Appropriate Industrial Tape for Your Purpose


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Packaging is a collaborative process that can be completed efficiently only if the right material is used for the right purpose. Although you use strong boxes and other packing materials, choosing the wrong packaging accessories like industrial tapes can cause a lot of frustration, expensive product damage, and loss of time as well as money.

The best kind of tape may vary for different purposes. An industrial tape that works wonders for a specific packaging would be the worst choice for another. So, you need to know which tape serves which purpose the best. Usually the characteristics buyers must look for while purchasing tapes is adhesiveness, strength and ease of use. However there is something more that you must know about industrial tapes.


Filament Tape available at Shipping Supplies By Mail Filament Tape

These are equipped with fiberglass strands to provide enhanced support for packaging boxes that stand to be jolted during transport or require to be exposed to cold and heat. They are available in a variety of grades ranging from those that can hold 100 pounds to the ones that are known to hold heavier weights up to 380 pounds.


Gummed Tape available at Shipping Supplies By Mail Gummed Tape

These are typically wet with a sponge or a dispenser and are known to create a permanent bond that is capable of holding heavy boxes or packaging material. The bond is so strong that it can retain large sized packages for long-term. Just one layer is enough to apply strength on the packages and therefore you need not require more tape. Usually gummed tapes are used for cartons that bear heat and cold extremities.


Duct Tape available at Shipping Supplies By Mail Duct Tape

Duct tapes are a big NO when it comes to packing moving boxes as it does not possess strong adherence qualities especially to material like cardboard. It also leaves a residue on removing and can be messy when used in packages that are stored in heat. However, it is a great choice for various other decorative purposes.


Masking Tape available at Shipping Supplies By Mail Masking Tape

The masking tapes are popular industrial tapes that adhere great, withstand water, tear effortlessly and are easy to peel. But due to its easy peeling characteristic, it may not perform well in sealing packages. Rather, it is an amazing tape for labeling box contents or bundling items such as kitchen utensils loose.

Now that you know which tape is good for packing moving goods, it is time to stock the one which suffices your purpose well. Shipping Supplies By Mail are reliable suppliers of all kinds of industrial tapes and other packaging material in packs of different sizes. Visit our website to browse through our products or call us at 440-914-0530 to place your order.


What Difference Does Colored Stretch Wrap Make In Your Packaging Styles?


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Filling colors in your packaging has its own advantages. Colored stretch wraps are amazingly creative packaging materials that have dared to break stereotypes in the packaging industry by being brightly colored while maintaining the dexterity and toughness of traditional stretch wraps.


Stretch wraps possess unique adhering qualities and providing additional benefit, the colored stretch wraps can hold goods intact while categorizing them for easy and quick identification. You can keep items separated so that your warehouse or shipments look organized and remain secure – both at the same time.

Colored Stretch Wrap available at Shipping Supplies By Mail Colored Stretch Wrap


Do you wish that your items remain unexposed but safe while in transport, use the dark color stretch wrap so that your shipment is safe and maintains the privacy of your products. The dark colored stretch wraps are completely opaque and ensure that nothing of your package is seen.


White stretch wrap is the perfect packaging solution in case you are packing heat sensitive products as white protects from heat. Moreover, the white stretch wraps are opaque too, so you don’t have to worry about revealing your products to the world.


Colored stretch wraps allow manufacturers to differentiate products for returns, QA and repair making it easy to manage the stock and avoid mixing up products that would otherwise lead to bad reputation of the organization.


This is a great opportunity to stay loyal to your brand’s color and look uniform throughout. Pick the color of your choice and spread brand awareness.

We, the Shipping Supplies By Mail store leads other online vendors of stretch wraps on the market. Our variety of colored stretch wraps consists of tough, durable, and cost-effective palletizing solutions for all industrial as well as domestic purposes. We stock various forms of applicable versions like extended core pallet wrap, bundling film, machine grade and hand film. Don’t forget to browse our colored stretch wraps on or contact us at 440-914-0530 for more details.


Shipping V/s Packaging Material – Is There Any Difference?


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Have you been using the terms packaging materials and shipping materials as synonyms? Undoubtedly, the answer is in the affirmative and it is quite ridiculous to do that, isn’t it? The names are different and so are the meanings and purposes too. Obviously, both serve the packaging and shipping industry, however, they wish to have an independent identity as well.

Ironically, the packaging material can be used for shipping too but the reverse may not be true always. We, at Shipping Supplies By Mail are suppliers of both – shipping material supplies and packaging materials and therefore thought of enlightening users about this thin line of difference between the two.


As a packaging item, my job is to pack items so that they are protected from dust, dirt, or any other foreign material I ensure that products are safe and in their original shape and composition and prepare them to be sold out or distributed further. I also help users identify a similar category of products kept together with a distinct packaging that refers to the specific category. I am a branding item too and aid manufacturers to display their company logo, name and other important details in an attractive manner. Users usually judge the quality and utility of the products by my appearance. Yes, I am the packaging material.

I am available in different forms:

Tapes: In this form, I secure the ends of the carton that occupies products. I ensure that the product packed within remains intact and is not exposed to the outside environment that could possibly damage or interfere with its original composition. I wear various colors to fit to specific jobs. I am available as Clear Packing Tape for securing packages in their cartons invisibly. It looks as if there is no tape at all and the box appears as its own self. In contrast to these, my version of Tan Packaging Tape has a tanned appearance that looks professional and possesses strong adhesive properties. I am also available in printed patterns which speak something while securing the ends in their places. My Masking Tape varieties are largely of benefit to painters as they increase their efficiency at work. Duct tapes is my most popular and widely used variety while gummed tapes are preferred for purposes that demand high levels of adhesiveness in extreme weather conditions.

Industrial Tapes available at Shipping Supplies By Mail Industrial Tapes

Colored Carton Sealing Tape, Aisle Marking Tape, Strapping Tape, Clear Natural Tape, and Luminescent Tape are other varieties in which I help the packaging industry.

Stretch Wrap: This form of mine is used to bind items together with a tight and secure wrap. I am made from Linear low-density polyethelene that has elastic recovery properties. Users say that I am a convenient option for protecting their products from getting misplaced/lost and reducing injury incidences at work. There are extensive processes behind my manufacturing and I struggle through more refined ones for being extra-strong while maintaining a thin layer and elasticity. In this form, I ensure palletizing objects in an economical way to categorize them distinctly and save from any external damage.

Colored Stretch Wrap available at Shipping Supplies By Mail Colored Stretch Wrap

I am used as a packaging tool in various varieties. Some of the most commonly used ones are Cast Stretch Wraps, Blown Stretch Wraps, Down Gauge Stretch Wraps, Coreless Stretch Wraps, Colored Stretch Wraps, Pre-Stretch Wraps (with or without folded edges), Specialty Stretch Wraps, and Anti-Stat Stretch Wraps.


My job starts when the packer does its job. Once an item is packed securely, my role comes into action when I take care of the packaged items while they are in transit. As a shipper, my responsibilities are to save the items from any kind of tampering or damage while the items are on their way to the actual user. I shield the packages from severe environmental conditions such as moisture, dust and also from sharp edges of the vehicles used for shipping purposes.

Though I serve as a protector for shipping items, I am available in a wide variety of colors, shapes, and sizes to be put to affordable and customized uses which are in accordance with the senders’ as well as receivers’ core businesses or intend. It is my responsibility to save $$$ by ensuring swift and tamper-free delivery of packaged products while maintaining their original shape so that goods are not damaged/lost during transit.

Let me introduce myself in detail:

Kraft Bubble Mailers available at Shipping Supplies By Mail Kraft Bubble Mailers

Kraft Bubble Mailers: In this form, I perform in the most economical manner by providing a top quality adhesive seal and bubble interior that eliminates the chances of items being exposed to harmful impacts. I dress myself up in vibrant colors for being the perfect shipping material for gifting purposes. My Bubble Out Bags variety is widely used for obvious reasons. I offer different sizes and quantity packs so that users can order only the required quantity.

Poly Mailers: Also, I am available in the form of Poly Mailers that do not have bubble cushioning. People use me for shipping important documents or cloth samples.

Packing List Envelopes: I ensure that the shipment contains the right package and is addressed to the right person. I am packed along with the cartons so that receivers also get to see the package documentation.

Packing List Enclosed available at Shipping Suppies By Mail Packing List Enclosed

Whether it is shipping material or packaging material, Shipping Supplies By Mail is one store for all. We are a cost effective solution to packaging and shipping necessities in households as well as industries. At Shipping Supplies By Mail, we ensure that your shipments look professional and you experience quality packaging processes. Visit our website to browse through the wide variety of products available at our online store. We equip materials that save on your operational costs while not compromising on the quality. You can get in touch with one of our executives at 440-914-0530 to discuss further details or place an order.


Handy is the Name, Productive is the Game – Down Gauge Hand Film


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Damage control is a huge issue that many vendors face when shipping their products through 3rd party agencies where the normal handling procedures are quite rugged, but common. Not only that, transitioning to a new location or organizing your warehouse can be a bit stressful if you don’t have the right tools that will bring forth a smooth process. This is where various versions of Down Gauge Hand Film is so vital, because items can be easily displayed or determined because of the high visibility this stretch wrap provides.

Down Gauge Hand Film available at Shipping Supplies By Mail Down Gauge Hand Film

Likewise, Down Gauge Hand Film provides certainty for various forms of shipping as it retains the capability to hold the products strongly together because of its complete self-adhering characteristics. Also, Pipe Wrap Down Gauge Stretch Film offers maximum stability, regardless if the package is irregular shaped, delicate, or hefty. Some things are just way too complicated.

Down Gauge Hand Film doesn’t require much time, effort or thought to be effective for you packaging needs. Stretch wrap adheres to itself and will sort of remind you of packing tape, except without glue. You’ll certainly notice that it’s easy to apply and in most applications, lightweight. Here are some more advantages to using Stretch Wrap as your central means for unitizing your shipments. For instance, Down Gauge Hand Film protects against dust, dirt and climatic weather conditions, prevents loads from collapsing during transit and reduces shipment charges, as packages are able to be bundled. Compared to glue, shrink wrapping, or strapping, Down Gauge Hand Film is quite an efficient method to keep many packages together. Plenty of loads have been subjected to toppling over when transported.

This Hand Film has an “Elastic” property which is required to withstand vibrations in order to keep loads together.  Down Gauge Hand Film is a plastic film which can be used for protecting all goods, be it wooden, glass or other delicate items. A highly stretchable film, it’s viable for wrapping items and it’s sufficient for resisting a whole slew of issues incorporated with various transit conditions. How is it possible? Well, because of the elastic recovery which tightly binds items together and the poly material which is strongly defensive against dust, moisture and climatic weather, this product is ideal being that it’s cost efficient and versatile.


Common, Relevant and Reliable – Cast Stretch Wrap!


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What’s unique about our Cast Stretch Wrap is that out of all the vast categories of stretch wrap we stock, Cast Stretch Wrap is pretty much the most common brand. If you were moving soon, I’d suggest using this film in a number of ways. First off, this wrap is great for bundling items such as cords, cd’s, dvd’s, toys, paperwork, tools, nuts, bolts screws, etc. Secondly, this wrap is ideal regarding protection because it easily wraps around your precious furniture items, TV’s, stereo’s, lamps, vase, and machinery.

Cast Stretch Wrap available at Shipping Supplies by Mail
Cast Stretch Wrap

By using Cast Stretch Wrap you’ll eliminate disorganization, consolidate more space, negate damages to your belongings and rule out any damage to the walls such as paint chipping and woodwork dents and Sufficiently unpack and arrange your new place without stress. It is imperative to use quality Cast Stretch Wrap since business owners and individuals alike desire their shipments to be transported properly to their destination.  Not only do Parcel carriers transport commercial packages, but also valuable entities that hold sentimental values as well. If such packages are dampened in any way, then users lose faith in the integrity for their goods that are being transported.

It’s vital for vendors to invoke responsible techniques to thoroughly ensure successful/safe delivery tasks. Cast Stretch Wrap is a must in warehouses, homes, commercial centers, transportation offices, and courier services. It offers a high level of endurance for short and far end destinations.  A convenient option, stretch wrap assures integrity and reliability for your consignment during transit.

When searching for quality Cast Stretch Wrap online, be sure to inquire specification information from the vendor if you’re unsure of what tape will suit your application purposes! Shippingsuppliesbymail.Com is the premier leader for your Cast Stretch Wrap solutions. With dozens of brands of exclusive types of stretch wrap, we surely can provide for your each and every desired need when it comes to tapes. We carry a complete stock of sizes, styles, and colors and thickness both industry standard and custom. However, with easy access via web, affordable pricing, and reliable service, it makes it easy for customers to “wrap with us.”